Directions dated 11 March 2022

  1. By 12pm on Friday 18 March 2022, Interested Persons are to file written submissions covering the following issues:
    1. Applications for Core Participant status.
    2. Applications for section 40 funding.
    3. A full account of their Stage 1 disclosure process (i.e. provision of documents to the Inquiry), including in particular details of the nature / volume of documents yet to be provided to the Inquiry, the process to be followed, any anticipated delaying factors, and a realistic timescale going forward.
    4. An outline of any likely applications for Restriction Orders, including for the avoidance of doubt any such applications that are anticipated to be made for anonymity / special measures.
    5. The Secretary of State for the Home Department (‘SSHD’) is to state whether or not Restriction Notices are contemplated, and if so the likely subject matter thereof and proposed timings.
    6. SSHD and Operation Verbasco are each to provide a CLOSED Annex to their submissions containing all detail regarding disclosure, Restriction Order applications and Restriction Notices that cannot be included in OPEN submissions. Their respective OPEN submissions are to include an indication of which topics are addressed in CLOSED submissions and an OPEN summary of those submissions that is as full as possible.
  1. Counsel to the Inquiry are to serve OPEN and CLOSED submissions by Wednesday 23 March 2022.
  1. An OPEN directions hearing is to be held at the Royal Courts of Justice on Friday 25
    March 2022.
  2. A CLOSED directions hearing is to be held shortly after the OPEN directions hearing at a venue to be confirmed.
    1. Attendance will be by Counsel to the Inquiry and representatives of SSHD and Operation Verbasco.
    2. The Solicitor to the Inquiry is to liaise with the Government Legal Department to make practical arrangements for the hearing.